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Next, the Judgment No. 359/11 of the Criminal Court No. 13 of Seville is collected, where our client was accused of the alleged crime of fraud, punished with 1 year and 6 months in prison and accessory special disqualification for the exercise of the right of passive suffrage during the sentence. The act would be carried out by 3 involved against the owners of two different companies, one dedicated to the sale of vehicles and the other construction. Both brought charges against our client as the alleged perpetrator involved in the case, along with the rest of the defendants.

The events date back to July 2001 when the alleged perpetrators contacted the first of the affected persons, offering a loan for which the applicant would only be obliged to repay 60% of the amount, in return the initial delivery of part of the loan would be required. of said amount. This framework was based on chemical operations that allowed the conversion of blank paper into legal tender bills. The main victim transferred his interest in this curious business to third parties that were affected, by contributing part of the amount so that the operation could be carried out. After the initial delivery of the money necessary to carry out the loan, the authors disappeared without a trace.

The main defendant as the head of the operation was photographically recognized by those affected. At the same time, the vehicle he used to meet with the victims was intercepted, which was listed in the base of the General Directorate of Traffic in his name. Finally, after a search carried out at his home, the objects used to carry out the counterfeiting of banknotes were intercepted.

The sentence handed down by the judge reflected that the victims “allowed themselves to be deceived”, since any average citizen knows the legal courses of financing sources, of which this operation was clearly not a part. The ruling led to the acquittal of the two defendants, one of them a client of this office, for collaboration with the main author of the events described.

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