Work areas

In MORCILLO HIDALGO ABOGADOS we are specialists in:


Family Law

– Matrimonial law.

– Successions: wills and acceptance of inheritances.

– Obligations and contracts.

– Civil, contractual and extra-contractual liability

– Separations and divorces.

– Ecclesiastical Nullities.

– Disabilities.

– Guardianships.

– Adoptions.

– Authorization of sales of smaller and incapable real estate.


Criminal law

– Crimes against persons and property.

– Attendance at the police station.

– Fraud. 

– Income in prison.

– Drug trafficking.

– Insults and threats.

– Injury crimes.

– Crimes of theft. 

– Gender violence.

– Others.



 Civil law

– Obligations and Contracts in general. Drafting and review of all types of agreements and contracts.

– Urban leases.

– Contractual and extracontractual civil liability and claim for damages.

– Evictions.

– Succession rights.

– Mortgage and registry law.

– Assistance to firms in Real Estate and Notaries.

– Consumers and users.- Others.



Real estate law

– Construction of plots.

– Rental of properties.

– Drafting of contracts.

– Sale of properties.

– Civil liability for defects in construction.

– Real property rights.- Domain records and notoriety records.

– Communities of owners: neighborhood problems.

– Others.


Right Circulation

– Traffic accidents.

– Legal assistance and defense in accidents against insurance companies.

– Claims for damages of the victims.

– Defense in civil, criminal and other proceedings.

– Blood alcohol.

– Others.


Business law

-Clausula floor, deed expenses, etc.

– Formation of companies.

– Corporations: Capital increases, mergers, dissolutions.

– Foreign investments in Spain.

– Procedures of suspension of payments and bankruptcy.

– Defense of competition and unfair competition.

– Foreclosures and Auctions. 

– Renegotiation of Debts.

– Others.


Administrative law

– Claims before the Public Administration.

– Defense and claim before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction.

– Urbanistic Law.

– Environment.

– Expropriations.

– Others.


Tax Law

– Inheritance and Donation Tax.

– Goodwill, etc.